Our Visit to National waterways museum gloucester and the trip on Queen Boadicea II which served in the second world war as one of Dunkirks little ships.30 people attended the event,who thoroughly enjoyed thereselves.We would like to thank Tom from Grindles coaches for his support and help he gave to those getting on and off the coach.The National Waterways Museumn, Gloucester tells the fascinating story of our local waterways and thousands of people who lived and worked on¬†them.The story begins with the mighty River Severn, central to the area’s success since roman times,with the creation of its docks in the early 1800s. the city of Gloucester became a hub for world trade.its warehouses filled with timber ,corn,wine and spirits.our tour started in the Llanthony warehouse is one of the largest,built in 1873 to house over 5,000 tons of grain, which is the museum today its a calm and quiet place ,but look down at the worn and uneven floorboards,touch the brickwork,close your eyes and imagine this vibrant bustling place ,together with the exhibitions and the objects within the building, those attending with FSS today became a part of this story.

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