Sensory Assessment

Hearing Loss
We offer a one to one service for people with hearing loss.  We are able to assess their hearing loss and sign post to the appropriate health official or organisation.  We provide specialist advice about hearing equipment and you can come in to the centre and try it before you buy it.

We are able to clean your hearing aid, just call us to arrange a convenient time.

Sight Loss
Low vision is a significant reduction of visual function that cannot be fully corrected by ordinary glasses, contact lenses, medical treatment and/or surgery. Low vision affects people of all ages…in the home, on the job, and at school.  It impacts daily activities like reading, cooking, taking medication and watching television. People with severe low vision may be classified as partially sighted and/or severely sight impaired.

We offer a “Low Vision Assessment” in the centre, with a qualified member of staff who will try to determine what a person with a visual impairment needs and wants to do. We will then assess the person’s visual function which may include measurement of their Visual Acuity (distance and near), Contrast Sensitivity and Functional Visual Fields. An assessment usually takes about an hour.

Using this information we will then determine if any low vision aids are available to help a person with low vision do the things they want.  This might include magnifiers, lights and Eccentric Viewing. We will also use our specialist knowledge to refer to other professionals and services which may provide additional help and support.

Help for people with macular disease – Eccentric Viewing and Steady Eye Technique training available by appointment

Macular disease affects the central vision and is the biggest cause of sight loss in the UK. The condition can take the form of age-related macular degeneration or a juvenile macular dystrophy. Those affected by macular disease can find everyday tasks such as cooking, walking, reading, watching television and even recognising the faces of others very difficult if not impossible.

In partnership with The Macular Society we offer tuition in Eccentric Viewing and Steady Eye Strategy techniques. These practical techniques are taught on a one to one basis to help people to make the best use of their remaining peripheral vision, enabling them to complete tasks which they previously found extremely difficult.

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