Red Portion Plate.
This Red Portion Plate is a highly cost-effective eating aid that has been specially designed for those with the use of only one hand or people with limited hand strength. The healthy portion plate incorporates three different sections that allow for greater food portion control, whilst the high sides provide the user with a barrier to scoop their food onto a fork or spoon with ease. The Red Portion Plate is easily secured to a surface with the non-slip suction base that provides reliability reducing the risk of accidents and spillages. The Red Portion Plate can easily be kept clean as it is safe to use in a dishwasher and can also be used to heat food up in the microwave.

This Large Melamine Plate in Red is dishwasher safe and is both lightweight and strong. Carefully designed in a way to aid those that have one good hand to use or who find difficulty picking up food with utensils. It promotes user dignity and independence. These colours have been found, through research to help stimulate appetite in people, making them especially suitable for those with reduced visual perception and dementia.

Melamine Side Plate – Red.
The Melamine Side Plate in Red is excellent value for money, high quality and is able to be used indoors and outdoors. The plate has been made using durable, strong, break-resistant melamine; giving the plate the look and feel of ceramic. Users with limited mobility are able to eat independently; keeping their dignity. It is dishwasher safe and easy and quick to clean. This eating aid has been designed so individuals with restricted wrist movement are able to use it.  research has found it helps to stimulate appetite in users who may suffer from reduced visual perception or dementia.

Red Suction Egg Cups – Pack of 6.
This pack of 6, red coloured Suction Egg Cups are ideal for dementia sufferers as they help to stimulate interest and encourage food consumption. These Suction Egg Cups are traditional egg cups but boast a modern twist to create an excellent eating aid for people that only have the use of one hand. The suction disc on the base of the egg cups securely hold the egg cups in place on smooth work surfaces, tables or trays allowing the user to eat with just one hand. Made from high quality, durable plastic the Suction Egg Cups are supplied as a pair and are also microwave and dishwasher safe proving incredibly versatile and convenient.

Wade Dignity Two Handled Mug – Green.
This Green Wade Dignity Two Handled Mug is made from high-quality vitrified earthenware and has been designed to help people to maintain their independence when drinking without the need to use a plastic mug. The two large handles ensure a secure grip, making the mug easier to handle, and therefore increasing user confidence, especially by those who suffer from tremors or those with reduced strength in their hands.

Handycup® is a cup for handicapped or bedridden children and adults
The cup has an oblique shape that enables drinking without bending the neck
Handycup® has two large handles for a firm grip
It has a broad base to ensure a solid placement on the table
The cup withstands between -20° and 95°C
The cup is microwave safe
Caution if the cup is filled with warm liquids
Before use, make sure the lid is properly fastened

Melamine Plate – Small – Red.
The Small Melamine Plate in Red can be used in a caring environment and represents excellent value for money. The plate has been made from melamine, which is a strong yet lightweight material that is also shatterproof. Research has found that the Small Melamine Plate in Red can stimulate appetite in users, making it suitable for people who suffer from dementia and reduced visual perception.

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