Geemarc PhotoPhone 100 Amplified Picture Telephone

As we get older, our hearing and memory may begin to slip. This can be frustrating for the person and worrying for their loved ones, often making everyday tasks, like using the telephone, more difficult.

The Geemarc PhotoPhone 100 Amplified Picture Telephone is designed specifically for the elderly, hard of hearing and those who have trouble remembering phone numbers. The phone features +30dB amplification, +/-10dB tone control and a hearing aid T-coil compatible handset – making it a great phone for the hard of hearing who may struggle to detect the ringing of a standard telephone. Keep your loved one safe and in contact with the Geemarc PhotoPhone 100!

Don’t Be Held Back By Hearing Loss

The Geemarc PhotoPhone 100 Amplified Telephone is suitable for people who suffer from high frequency hearing loss. Increasing the volume of your phone may seem an obvious solution if you can’t hear the ringing, but this doesn’t always help: instead, the Geemarc Photophone 100 has an inbuilt sound equaliser that selectively increases the volume of high or low frequency sounds.

Make Using the Telephone Simple with the Geemarc PhotoPhone 100

The Geemarc PhotoPhone 100 also features pre-programmed buttons and colourful photo frames to store favourite contact pictures. This allows for easy recollection of faces and easy dialling access, ideal for individuals who have trouble remembering phone numbers such as the elderly or children.

Once the numbers are stored on the phone, the user simply presses the button with the person’s face who they wish to call and the phone will automatically dial the number. Using the telephone has never been so simple!

Features and Benefits of the Geemarc PhotoPhone 100 Amplified Picture Telephone

  • 9 direct memories, pre-programmed buttons and colourful photo frames for easy recognition of phone contacts
  • 3 – 4 times louder than a standard telephone
  • Receiving volume control (0 to 30dB)
  • Receiving tone control (+/- 10dB)
  • Speech volume control (-4, 0 or +4dB)
  • Visual ringer indicator helps alert hard of hearing to a call
  • Adjustable ringer level and tone to suit your preferences
  • Last number redial so you can quickly call someone back
  • Time break recall
  • Can be muted
  • Wall mountable for easy access and clear signalling
  • Hearing aid compatible           Our Price £39.99 postage at cost



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