Bathroom And Toilet Aids

Stainless Steel Curved Grab Rail – 350mm.
This 350mm (14″) long Stainless Steel Curved Grab Rail is a high-quality grab rail with a modern, elegant look that still retains its functionality as an excellent safety aid. The stylish stainless steel grab rail has been designed to provide convenient additional support for the user in the bathroom or around the home whilst blending into modern decor. The Stainless Steel Curved Grab Rail is both durable and rust resistant due to its stainless steel construction. The grab rail itself has a chunky 32mm (1.25″) diameter, making it very easy to grip and once fitted there is a 50mm (2″) gap between the rail and the wall for added user safety. Other sizes available

Red Plastic Grab Rail.
This 12 inches long Red Plastic Grab Rail is a very well designed bathing aid that is crafted from the easy grip, fluted PVC tubing. This clever safety aid reduces the risk of slips and falls in wet environments and also features moulded end fittings. This attractive and practical grab rail has circular fixing plates which have covering discs supplied. These discs clip neatly into place, hiding the screw heads and acting as an insulating disc for the grab rail. The tubing itself is fluted along its length to provide an improved grip and a safer feel for wet hands. No electrical earthing is required when fitting this rail. This grab rail is also available in a range of other sizes and colours

Crosshead Tap Turners – Pair.
These strong moulded plastic tap turners represent excellent value for money and have been designed to make it easier to turn crosshead taps on or off. Very easy to use, the tap turners simply hook over the top of any X type tap, giving the user extra leverage and making the taps easier to turn. Ideal for users with a weak or painful grip, such as those suffering from arthritis, the Crosshead Tap Turners is supplied as a pair, with one Blue and one Red turner to ensure that hot and cold taps are easily identifiable.

Foot Cleaner Mat.
The Foot Cleaner Mat is a multi-functional bathing aid that promotes both personal hygiene and safety. At the front of the mat is an oval area fitted with raised nylon bristles that enables the user to scrub his or her feet without the need to bend, crouch or kneel. The rest of the Foot Cleaner Mat is heavily textured with raised circular bumps, which are specially designed to massage the feet and promote blood flow. Thanks to the small suction cups on the underside of the Foot Cleaner Mat, it will stay securely in place, whether used in the bath, shower or on the bathroom floor.

Long Handled Back Washer.
The Long Handled Back Washer has been specifically designed to make it easier to reach and wash the back. The long curved design provides a carefully balanced back washer that can reach all of the back and can be used with minimal effort for maximum power and effectiveness. This ensures full coverage of the back area without the need to over-stretch or strain. The oval shaped handle of the Long Handled Back Washer features a two hand grip with non-slip material ensuring the best grip even when wet. The wash cloths on the end of the back washer do not absorb water so remain light at all times and are machine washable for the utmost hygiene. Spares can also be found in this section of the shop.

Long Handled Body Washer.
The Long Handled Body Washer has been designed to make it easier to reach and wash the body. The ergonomic design provides a carefully balanced body washer that can be used with minimal effort to avoid over-stretching and straining but with maximum power and effectiveness. The long handle of the Long Handled Body Washer is oval shaped and made with a non-slip material ensuring a secure grip even when wet. The wash cloths do not absorb water so will remain light at all times making it extremely easy for the user to wash their body.

Bath Sponge with Long Handle.
This Bath Sponge with Long Handle is an excellent bathing aid for the disabled, elderly and those with restricted mobility. The soft sponge is mounted on a 425mm angled handle, designed to make reaching and cleaning your back, feet and other hard to reach areas that much easier. The handle is easy to grip and the loop on the end allows the sponge to be hung up to dry after use.

The deluxe bath grab bar safety rail provides a firm handle on the bath side that helps give users confidence and provides a stable aid to assist when getting into and out of the bath. The white coated steel rail fixes easily but very securely to the side of the bath using its high-quality clamp, the inside of which has rubber padding to prevent any marking of the bath as well as improving stability. This easy fitting system also ensures that the rail can be quickly and easily repositioned to provide maximum assistance and comfort for more than one user, or removed completely or easy storage or transportation when not required. The bath rail can be used on metal, stone or fibreglass baths whose sides range in thickness between 75mm and 180mm (3″ to 7″).

Plastic Fluted Grab Rail – 300mm.
Finished in White, this 300mm (12″) Plastic Fluted Grab Rail is the shortest of three options in this range. It is made from sturdy, non-corroding polypropylene plastic and the fluted surface helps to ensure a good grip. The circular ends help to conceal and protect the wall fixings, so with its clean white finish, it always looks neat, inconspicuous and professional. Other sizes available

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