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Langham Linked Chair Raiser.
The Langham Linked Chair Raiser is a set of four very strong, hollow moulded blocks that are linked together by slotted plastic straps, that provide additional stability for the chair and security for the user. The Langham Linked Chair Raiser is very easy to install and is simply clamped securely in position by tightening the two central wingnuts. The height of the chair is then easily adjusted by inserting the individual centre raiser blocks supplied into the main hollow unit until the ideal height for maximum user comfort is achieved. The Langham Linked Chair Raiser gives great stability due to its design and with its huge maximum load capacity of 500 kgs (78 st) its capable of raising safely all but the very heaviest of chairs.
Product Specification:
One Langham Linked Chair Raiser
Consists of four very strong linked blocks
Very easy to position and install
Allows chair height to be quickly changed
Allows users to get in and out of the chair easily
The chair is stable and secure when raised

The AMPLICALL 16 Doorbell Amplifier is a useful aid for anyone with restricted hearing who struggles to hear an ordinary doorbell. It comprises an external wireless doorbell unit and a main internal unit. When the outside doorbell is pushed, it will send a signal up to 30 metres to the indoor unit, which will then sound an alert of up to 95dB. It will also flash to provide a visual alert that there is a visitor at the door.

Easiseal Twist and Seal Disposal Unit.
The Easiseal Twist and Seal Disposal Unit provide a safe, hygienic and convenient way of discarding personal care items such as incontinence pads. With a neat, discreet design, the Easiseal Maxi is easy to use and will sit unobtrusively in a bathroom, where it can safeguard soiled items without allowing odour to escape. The system wraps items as well as concealing them and is intended to be used with Easiseal replacement cassettes, which incorporate an antibacterial agent and a fresh citrus scent.

Terry Cloth Sock Aid.
The Terry Cloth Sock Aid takes the hard work out of putting socks on, making it a quick and easy process. The flexible plastic sock aid has slits in its plastic core that allow it to bend around the heel. The inside is lined with nylon to reduce friction on the foot and heel to ensure the sock moves easily onto the foot. The outside of the sock aid is lined with a terry cloth cover to hold the sock firmly in place until it is comfortably positioned correctly on the foot. Two pulling tabs with loop handles permit one-handed application. Hand wash only.

Tap Turners – Pair.
This pair of extremely low cost moulded plastic Tap Turners are specially designed to fit easily and quickly over the top of X style taps. Easy to use, the tap turners are ideal for users that suffer from arthritis or are Disabled. Taps which use these turners are much easier to turn, therefore, reducing the strain on the hands and wrists. Each pair of the Tap turn Tap Turners is supplied with one Red and one Blue turner to ensure easy identification of the hot and cold tap and reduce the risk of accidental scalding.

Red Plastic Grab Rail.
This 12 inches long Red Plastic Grab Rail is a very well designed bathing aid that is crafted from the easy grip, fluted PVC tubing. This clever safety aid reduces the risk of slips and falls in wet environments and also features moulded end fittings. This attractive and practical grab rail has circular fixing plates which have covering discs supplied. These discs clip neatly into place, hiding the screw heads and acting as an insulating disc for the grab rail. The tubing itself is fluted along its length to provide an improved grip and a safer feel for wet hands.

Car Caddie.
A simple but very effective aid for use when entering or leaving a car, the Car Caddie comprises a sturdy webbing strap and buckle together with a comfortably shaped padded handle. With the window partially opened, the Car Caddie can be secured to the window frame in a matter of seconds, whereupon it provides immediate and reliable support to the user. Supremely light and portable, this high-quality aid can be easily stored in a bag or glove box and its length can also be adjusted to suit the requirements of each individual user.

Geemarc Wake N Shake Alarm Clock.
The Geemarc Wake N Shake Alarm Clock is a stylish and modern vibrating alarm clock that is ideal for anyone who is hard of hearing. It features a large LCD display and an adjustable volume alarm of up to 95dB. The Wake n Shake also comes with a vibrating pad that can be placed under the pillow and a strobe light, both of which are designed to assist in waking the user. There are four different alarm options available: shaker; flash and alarm; flash and shaker; alarm and shaker. The Wake N Shake is easy to use and can also be used as a telephone ring alerter. It is supplied with a splitter which enables the alarm clock and telephone to be plugged into the same socket.

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